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WindHobby Co., LTD. is an expert RC hobby manufacturer, our RC hobbies include nitro powered RC car, gas RC boat, gas powered RC car, electric RC helicopter, RC model helicopter, remote control cars and aircraft, etc. Products have been exported to over 30 countries and areas, enjoying a very good reputation in the overseas market. We are energetic and enthusiastic with creative minds and our development is attributed to the efforts of the whole team.
Moreover, with a strong supply network and keen marketing judgment, we can supply the most competitive products with lower prices and higher quality.

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The 35th Hong Kong International Toy Fair held in Exhibitors wide push inexpensive goods

Date:2009/11/26 0:13:15
 According to Hong Kong "Ta Kung Pao" report, Asia's largest 35th Toys, 5 starting from 4 days at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center.  Have the toy industry sources said the mainland toy factory in the past year, more than half of non-compliance due to quality issues such as closure, I believe that the remaining approximately 3,000.  The face of shrinking traditional markets such as Europe and the United States uncertain economic outlook, many exhibitors this year, toy companies are "cheap goods" as a selling point to attract more of Russia, the Middle East and emerging markets such as orders for the mainland.

The Toy Fair is the TDC program released 120 million yuan to support SMEs in Hong Kong after the first major exhibition organized. TDC in emerging markets to attract more buyers to Hong Kong for the first time about 1000 overseas buyers to provide air tickets and accommodation sponsors.  Next week's Asia's largest fashion show "Hong Kong Fashion Week," will come back to about 1000 were funded by overseas buyers to Hong Kong.

 The funded buyers, 80% from emerging markets.  Luu Hong  Vietnam Luu Hong is the first time buyers to Hong Kong, a total of 34 peers.  She said that the toy industry in recent years, Vietnam's potential in market demand surge, but factories in Vietnam have less engaged in manufacturing toys and games, is largely imported from China, this may be sponsored trip, coupled with large-scale exhibition fancy I hope the toy industry on import of Vietnam, seeking partners and opportunities.

 Last year, the first 11 months, the Hong Kong toy exports in 2007 rose 11%, but the retail market in Europe and the United States as a whole Christmas sales in general declined.  Toy Fair opening ceremony at the Hong Kong Legislative Council Panel on Economic Services Committee Chairman Jeffrey Lam said that last year, the global economic downturn, it is estimated effects will continue for some time, coupled with increased production costs, as well as increasingly stringent toy safety standards, are a challenge for the industry.  He said that over the past Christmas sales in Europe and the United States toy market is relatively stable, I believe buyers will take advantage of this exhibition replenishment.

 Honorary President of the Hong Kong Toys Manufacturers Huangtie Cheng said that last year the Mainland has more than 3000 toy factory closed down, most of them incompatible with the new environmental standards, but that a smaller proportion of Hong Kong enterprises.

 The PRD's toy processing and manufacturing, will appear before and after the Lunar New Year a new round of closures, Huang Tiecheng that a single peak under the Christmas period has ended, the financial tsunami of bad debt and other adverse effects have surfaced, toy industry's most critical moment has passed, I believe the future is expected to more stable for some time.  He suggested that the toy manufacturers focus more on product quality, traditional market shrinking in response to Europe and the United States and Russia, the Middle East, the rise of the Mainland and other emerging markets, multi-launch of the more inexpensive toys to open up new markets.
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